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The holy land group won the 2017 fair Award for the professional market transformation and upgrading power fengming!
Source:Author:Time:2017-12-21 0:00:00

2017 the fourteenth session of the fair on October 10th -13 in Guangzhou poly World Trade Expo exhibition held, holy group's holy trade through new foreign trade service platform, invited to participate in the Expo theme exhibition and cross-border electricity supplier, with professional market transformation solutions upgrade, won the "2017 China Fengming Award for cross-border electricity supplier of specialized market transformation and upgrading benchmarking enterprise award".

Holy Land Group -- a pioneer in the transformation and upgrading of China's professional market

In October 12th, cross-border electricity supplier leader summit special "professional market transformation and upgrading and cross-border electricity supplier B2B innovation and development" as the theme, many large coffee industry, experts and scholars, business alliances, small and medium-sized enterprises and overseas local cross-border business association gathered to share the status of cross-border electricity supplier industry and future trends, in-depth analysis of the professional market and the pain point development suggestions.

The roundtable session of the summit, on behalf of Mr. Gao Yun shrine group, the new foreign trade in view of the current economic situation, the professional market in the face of Internet plus "under the situation of opportunities and challenges, the traditional professional market how to deal with? How to succeed in transformation and upgrading? And many problems, such as the overall solution.

He said the conference won the prize, which is the recognition of the brand of the holy land by all walks of life, and it is also the recognition of the model for the transformation and upgrading of this set of professional markets. In the integration of cross-border electricity supplier industry chain, and provide a platform of services, with St. also hopes the Guangzhou major professional wholesale market cooperation, to provide more quality services and resources for them, help them to achieve the transformation and upgrading, to create high-quality brand building Chinese quality, achieve quality to share dividend market trading.

During the exhibition, Sheng Mao Tong communicated more than 50 platforms, including payment, logistics, finance, products, government and so on. How does the professional market participate in and obtain policy subsidies...

This exhibition is the cross-border electricity supplier industry to build a good platform, saint trade through new foreign trade integrated service provider of professional image, showing the advantage of platform to exhibitors, and according to the need for integration of customized solutions for the professional market, fully demonstrated its leadership in the professional market and competitiveness. Finally, the ultimate goal of helping the professional market to retain the old customers, to increase the new business and to obtain new orders.

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