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This country, which has just established diplomatic relations with China, has an indissoluble bond with the capital of Chinese leather goods.
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 In July 25, 2017, "The Belt and Road" Chinese brand global conference and fashion industry to promote the development of cross-border integration forum held in huadu. The summit by the China Federation of Industry Chamber of Commerce jointly sponsored by the cosmetics light luxury brand Specialized Committee, The Belt and Road Zhizao alliance, jointly sponsored global commodity trade in Hong Kong and other units of the holy land, Baiyun District of Guangzhou city shoe leather business association. From the organizers, contractors, CO organizers and leather goods, footwear, clothing, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics and other fashion industry representatives and more than 100 Chinese original elites alliance designers.
      The same day, deputy director of the Standing Committee Zhang Zhaoyuan, light luxury shoes and leather bag branch president Li Jianxiang China light luxury fashion industry elite representatives attended the summit and delivered a keynote share, the holy land of global commodity trading port official brand promotion, light luxury leather goods, fashion circles across the subject "light luxury life" magazine interview and project promotion of propaganda.
      The summit site also held a light luxury leather shoes and bags of Huadu Branch and other preparatory group to set up the ceremony, light luxury jewelry, jewelry, clothing, special shoes and bags, image design six chapter representative on-site interaction, to discuss the light luxury industry mode of cross-border cooperation, seek the future path of breakthrough!

▲Photo of all guests

Light luxury industry: the new blue sea of modern luxury goods industry
      According to "2017 light luxury research", the light luxury industry has become a new blue sea in the modern luxury industry. Under the environment of global economic weakness, the light luxury brand, which is positioned as "affordable luxury", is booming all over the world. The research shows that the light luxury brand has a broad market space in China.
      In the country's top strategy "The Belt and Road" to promote cross-border cooperation, China era trade and international production, China domestic brands ushered in another round of development opportunities. Local brands with global gene can go global with lower cost and more efficiency. Small and beautiful enterprises can quickly link and match small and medium-sized global businesses.
      Under this background, the summit is designed to promote cross-border integration of China's beauty and cosmetics industry and light luxury fashion industry, share the industry's top wisdom, provide the most credible and influential dialogue and communication, channel docking and complementary platform for fashion industry and enterprise brand.

▲Light luxury leather shoes and bags of branch secretary Liu Xiaohong presided
▲Light luxury leather shoes and bags of branch to welcome President Li Jianxiang
▲To promote the "deputy director of special committee Zhang Zhaoyuan Chinese international light luxury light luxury brand marketing programs of the week"

Holy Huanmao port: promote cross-border integration of light luxury leather goods
      From the Summit organizer Huanmao holy port project promotion concern. As a Chinese leather brand building brand display, shopping, tourism products, wholesale and retail trade in OLE and integrating the modern new trade exhibition platform, not only to create the project Shiling Town features the core area of Guangzhou, the professional market industry model innovation, is also the Southern China international cultural tourism business circle and Southern China only state-level market purchasing the first pilot trade.
      According to reports, in order to stimulate the demand of tourism shopping potential, expand new channels for leather brand, Hong Kong based on the Holy Huanmao Huadu Shiling leather goods of origin, and deepen the China Federation of industry major cosmetics industry association branch cooperation committee and its light luxury, especially in close cooperation with the preparations for the establishment of leather shoes and bags just flowers branch, promote the "light luxury leather shoes + + accessories" for the development of cross-border integration, integration of the fashion industry.

▲Huanmao port operating holy land planning department director Zhao Bo to promote the project integrated development model of light luxury leather goods

The Committee of light luxury shoes from Shiling Huadu Branch started leather bag
      Shiling, is the world's largest leather origin. In order to promote the interconnection of Shiling leather industry base and light luxury fashion industry interaction, cross-border integration, kaijiangtuotu, the summit was held on the same day, light luxury bags leather shoes of Huadu Branch, The Belt and Road Zhizao shoe leather alliance Huadu Branch preparation group was established with the launching ceremony, announced on September 3rd officially inaugurated. Hong Yan, the vice president of the sub branch of shoes and leather products, and chairman of Guangzhou top beauty Crafts Co., Ltd., has been the leader of the two sub committees of the preparatory group since it has made outstanding contributions to leather industry for many years.
      The summit also held the light luxury leather shoes and bags of Taiwan branch, The Belt and Road Zhizao alliance shoe bag leather Taiwan branch of the formation of the preparatory group launching ceremony.

▲Light luxury leather shoes and bags of club president Li Jianxiang awarded Hong Yan shoe leather head of the preparatory group for the appointment of Huadu Branch
▲The appointment of a team leader for the Taiwan branch of the Taiwan branch for the issuance of shoes and leather goods
▲The president, the six branch of the Holy Light luxury of Hong Kong Huanmao relevant responsible person and other guests to witness the branch set up a preparatory ceremony

"The Belt and Road under six light luxury fashion industry opportunities and direction
     How to bring China's light luxury fashion industry into line with the world and enhance the competitiveness and influence of China's independent innovation fashion brand on the international stage? From light luxury shoes and bags of branch, branch, branch, clothing accessories, jewelry and furniture branch branch branch image management six branch relevant responsible person and team, their respective areas share the light luxury fashion industry opportunities and direction "theme.

▲Li Jianxiang, President of the shoe package (right four) and his team sharing the opportunity and direction of the brand development of light luxury leather leather goods
▲Deng Zhaoping, President of the clothing branch (right three) and his team share how the Chinese light luxury clothing brand becomes a famous brand in the world.
▲Interactive forum on cross boundary integration and development of fashion industry
▲Summit scene


Group photo
▲Deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Zhang Zhaoyuan light luxury (right two), shoe bag branch president Li Jianxiang (left two) and holy Huanmao Hong Kong deputy general manager Kuang Yi (left), operational planning department director Zhao Bo (right)
▲Left: Hong Yan, vice president of shoe leather goods branch, Sun Mawa, President of Zhejiang clothing branch, and Yuan Xiao bull, vice president of Image Management Branch
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▲A picture on the meeting
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