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Holy place global commodity trading port

  Global commodity trade in Hong Kong is a holy shrine group meticulously, modern international trade complex covers product trade, brand display, exhibition exchanges, cultural tourism, business office, e-commerce, entertainment and other functions in one, located in Guangzhou Huadu Shiling Road East, adjacent to Guangzhou Ching Hai cloth exports, a total construction area of about 180 thousand square meters.

  The first project leather brand exhibition trade center, an area of about 70 thousand square meters, based on the world leather leather Shiling origin, concentrated trade and exhibition trade, wholesale and retail display window is provided with online and offline, and trade with leather brand.

Leather brand new highland

  Huilong, eternal, Tian Bao, Henry, Hublot, billion, Jin Shengsi, Europe, and the valley of aowangda has A Well-Known Trademark in China and provincial and municipal well-known brand key enterprises stationed, as well as Goldlion, Satchi, scarecrow, sharks and other international well-known brands signing leather brand exhibition trade center. "All brand, trade and Exhibition City, bright curtain!

New trend of industrial tourism

  Leather brand exhibition and Trade Center in the city of Guangzhou Wanda Huadu Pinbu Road, through the wide high-speed, urban rail wide and Qingyuan Long International Forest Resort seamlessly, forming the "golden triangle and two world class tourism complex". By building high specification tourist reception center, leather goods theme Plaza, handmade leather DIY experience center, leather culture exhibition and other industrial tourism and tourism, this will attract hundreds of billions of tourist shopping opportunities every year by 50 million tourists.。

New ideas of convention and Exhibition Economy

  In addition to Chinese (Shiling) leather leather section, will be held regularly every year the two session of the Canton Fair International purchaser special docking, to create a series of leather goods procurement Huadu Festival and Carnival activities, at the same time at home and abroad through the exhibition project and large atrium Plaza regularly held a new conference, to enhance the core competitiveness of leather goods brand.

"The new trend of Internet plus"

  The only service in the leather luggage industry Alibaba localization service center will be stationed in the project site office, through big data to help businesses to purchase the origin of high-quality supply; officially introduced the Google experience center, to provide overseas promotion, personnel training, cross-border cross-border electricity supplier of small and micro enterprises and entrepreneurs incubation and cross-border business and resource exchange service for the show businesses at the same time, by the holy land group, Bao rabbit group jointly launched the all leather, B2B+O2O leather leather industry chain cohesion build Jicai platform, through information sharing, reduce the cost, the advantage of sharing

New export trade in foreign trade

  As the first market purchasing trade mode in Southern China, the first tier building is equipped with international trade integrated service center, where international buyers can achieve "field purchase, direct export". It is a saint foreign trade integrated service platform built by the holy land group based on the market purchase trade mode, providing a one-stop solution for foreign trade, supply chain and finance.

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