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The new push 2016 phase, new development, not stagnation, as the sun is just rising; 2017 diversification on the upgrade!
Source:Holy Land GroupAuthor:Qian Cheng ZhangTime:2017-12-19

Looking back at 2016, the global economic recovery is slow, China is &ldquo, and the landscape is &rdquo alone. 



On the inside, is committed to industrial structure upgrading, in 13th Five-Year &rdquo “ planning; early, China completed a major goal of quadrupling GDP. “ the supply side reform ” first see results, China's economic development prospects are a great good.  


External and world economic status is increasing. Our country successfully hosted the G20 summit and put forward important &ldquo, strengthened macroeconomic regulation and control &rdquo and other economic policies to bring the global vision to the eastern power.  


Looking back at 2016, the pluralistic development of the holy land group is becoming more and more rapid and vigorous.


Holy Huanmao in Hong Kong through more than 2 years of reporting efforts, ushered in the Guangdong province vice governor LED inspection to promote the pilot landed the job, and in December 30th passed the Guangdong Provincial People's Government commissioned the pilot market acceptance; Hong Kong shrine Qimao held a grand ceremony, the I project price break tribute to the auto industry, the huge benefits cited opened people panic buying grand opening; Holy street two &ldquo L” diffuse;, by differences in the development of business, become a fashion place district in the new landmark of life; the holy Xintiandi project through a combination of high-quality retail brand, to become the only gathering of South Shore Road recreation sites; the New County Hotel, the rise of Huadu CBD landmark, advancing with the times by &ldquo +” Internet; create micro official website, micro mall; the holy forest Erlin E-commerce Team in 2016 0139 tourist trade export amount Up to 450 million yuan, for Guangzhou's foreign trade import and export contributed the due force … …  


In 2016, the holy land group to respond positively to national policy, and access to &ldquo Belt and Road Initiative; ” Innovation Award; and a comprehensive financial services agreement with the ICBC Guangdong branch, get huge amounts of money to the holy land group widely expand the business in cross-border electricity providers and other areas of support.  


In 2016, the holy land group was flourishing for a year, and let us go into the 2016 holy places of great events and listen again to the great music of the holy land.




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