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Group Introduction

holy land group was founded in 1994. It is a diversified real estate development and industrial real estate operation group company. It is committed to create a modern business mode of the international professional market, and create industry benchmarking for the future development and innovation value of the city. The business scope includes real estate development and operation, professional market management and operation, financial business, e-commerce, property management, project investment, hotel and entertainment business.

as a professional market transformation and upgrading of the forerunner of the holy land group was founded more than 20 years ago, has developed and operates a number of large modern professional market, fashion business center and high-end living communities, successfully create a number of industry classic case and “ brand &rdquo, including the holy land; Chinese: Five Star professional market — —. • Shiling (International) Leather City, the national trade procurement market pilot demonstration area — global commodity trade in Hong Kong, the holy city of Guangzhou after the car market transformation and upgrading Demonstration Park & mdash; &mdash • the holy land; the international automobile industry trade in Hong Kong, Huadu new landmark center CBD — &mdash • shrine; New County Hotel Liwan District, high-end community MALL— — &bull shrine; New World Plaza, Guangzhou Tianhe North District and many other industry benchmark land Project.

In September 8, 2016, for the implementation of the deployment of the State Council on the promotion of foreign trade to stabilize, promote the innovation and development of foreign trade, Ministry of Commerce and other eight ministries issued a formal grant of Guangzhou Huadu leather market in the third batch of Guangdong Province, the only market trading pilot unit, the Holy Land Group's shrine of global commodity trade port as the pilot of the first core the demonstration area, to shoulder the entire range of Guangdong province and even more foreign trade innovation development mission. In March 6, 2017, global commodity trade in Hong Kong in the holy land, the first floor of the international trade service center, the national trade procurement market pilot launch ceremony was held, marking the Guangzhou in promoting the reform of foreign trade, the supply side foster trade new format, improve trade facilitation level has taken a historic step.

Bethel group leader - Chairman (CEO) Lin Jun now serves as the vice president of China Leather Association, Chinese long leather association market Specialized Committee honorary chairman, vice president of the Guangdong International Chamber of Commerce, vice president of Guangdong Province, the wholesale industry association executive vice president, the professional market in Guangzhou City Chamber of Commerce of Hongkong Baiyun Council and other duties, and won the 2015 annual “ The Belt and Road ” Innovation Award, the 2013 Boao China economy outstanding contribution figures, 2012 “ Guangdong ten economic influential man ” — industrial upgrading, China's meritorious contribution award China bright dream — — 100 in the world the image of the Chinese leaders glorious honor

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